BrickArms WWII Pack v4

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 WWII Pack Volume 4 The world is at war! This updated version of the BrickArms WWII Pack features over 20 different helmets and weapons, including pistols, rifles, and submachine guns, each from a major combatant of the second world war. The BrickArms WWII Pack Vol 4 is the perfect choice for any builder who wants to start equipping their world war minifig armies with historically-accurate firepower!


• M1 Steel Pot Helmet
• M1 Carbine Rifle
• M1 Garand Rifle
• BAR Light Machine Gun
• M1911 Pistol
• M1A1 SMG
• Brodie Helmet
• SMLE Mk3 with Bayonet
• Bren Machine Gun
• Sten SMG (with removable magazine)
• Webley Pistol
• Stahlhelm Helmet
• Kar98 Rifle
• P08 Luger Pistol
• MP40 SMG
• Ssh40 Helmet
• Mosin Nagant Rifle
• TT-33 Pistol
• PPSh SMG (with removable drum magazine)
• Ssh40 Helmet (to act as M33)
• Carcano Rifle
• MAB 38 SMG